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Media Products Are Our Roots

Our owners began in 1985 with a small business that provided diskette duplication services to Atlanta software companies. Ten years later they were duplicating over 250,000 diskettes per day. Along the way they added printing, packaging, package assembly and fulfillment to their service offering.

In 1995 their company became part of an international packaging conglomerate. This provided the capital necessary to take on some of the largest clients in the business. They added CD-ROM manufacturing and perfected an automated process to build a self-mailer around a CD. This allowed them to be the industry leader in CD package manufacture and fulfillment. By 2005 they had manufactured and fulfilled over 100-million disc kits.

In 2008, with their entrepreneurial fires burning again our leadership started Abulous. Today Abulous sells media products that are relevant to today's business.


Our team has been designing and manufacturing discs and disc related products since 1985.  Whether you need standard CD-ROMs, DVDs, mini- or business card discs we can get your project completed quickly and within budget.

Flash Drives

Some companies sell flash drives the same way they sell coffee mugs. They view flash drives as a little give-away premium. At Abulous we help you unleash the power of these devices by providing design and programming services that take advantage of all these devices have to offer.

Our background in the software business gives us unique insight into the capabilities of USB Drives. We have a proven track record of turning these little devices into amazing tools that continue to work for you for many years to come.

Media Packaging

Not only do we make the discs but we design and manufacture the packaging as well.  We have designed hundreds of disc packages over the years and many of them were designed for the US Postal Service mail stream.  We recently redesigned and manufactured a disc mailer kit for a major health insurance provider and they saved over $200,000 in postage alone.

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